Tuesday, January 25, 2011

User logging details from Essbase log

The user logging information can be extracted from the essbase.log file. However its is difficult to parse the log file & get the information out of it. Here is a method to get that information.

Note that I was using Essbase v11.1.1.3

As we already know there is a relational database involved with Essbase... we can query the table serverlogdetail & get the information required. In the query below, "Essbase" is the schema name that is usually provided while configuring the EPM.

This query lists all the users logged into Essbase in December 2010. When we generate the LogCharts in Essbase, these tables are populated. So, before we run this query, we have to generate the log charts.

What is that we are achieving after all? Once we get the output from the query to excel, we can pivot it & analyze the users' usage, like which user is most active, which user has logged in how many times etc.

Whether useful or not, this is some good info to know... Information is wealth!! isn't it?

select * from essbase.serverlogdetail where
extract (year from entrydate) = '2010' and
extract (month from entrydate) = '12' and
msgtext like 'Logging in user%'

Gurus out there: If any of the information above looks to be wrong, pls write a comment to correct it.

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natalia said...

Thanks for the post!
Do you know any way to register login/out for Hyperion Planning?
Users and IP adress?